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Rock Creek Dentist Dr. Paige Gaznavi

An English quote says, "A healthy outside starts from the inside." Our dental practice aims to build a healthy neighborhood by improving the oral health of the society. We believe in educating patients during the treatment process which goes a long way in improving their health.

Our Rock Creek Dental Center based in Rockville MD, is known for treating serious problems like tooth loss and tooth ache. Our expertise in Invisalign, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Whitening ensures sound dental health and a beautiful smile for our patients. We, at Rock Creek Dental Center, have established a team devoted to the dental care of our Rockville community. Our team is extremely supportive and ensure treatment is very gentle. Our dental procedures are smooth, painless and make sure that patients relax on the dental chair, while our dentists work on their teeth.

Our treatment techniques are designed to cover people of all age groups and of different anxiety levels. At our practice, we perform thorough examination of a patient's dental condition and inform them about the possible remedies, before taking up a particular treatment procedure.

Smile establishes a person's social image and it does not deserve to be hidden within. Working on developing a magnetic smile is part of the identity make over in the modern world. We at Rock Creek Dental Center, Rockville, MD, put in our maximum efforts towards bringing that extremely attractive smile on the faces of our patients.

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5542 Norbeck Road,
MD 20853

Phone: (301)460-5000
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