Are you truly invested in your Dental Health?

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Are you truly invested in your dental health? Investments aren’t always about how much money you spend, but more about the mindset you have and the time and effort you put into keeping that investment going. This is especially relevant and true when it comes to your dental health which in turn can lead to your overall health.

Are you seeing your dentist regularly every 3 to 6 months for your routine dental cleaning, exam and xrays? If not, why not? Everything wears and tears with time, and as we age, so do our teeth breakdown and wear, needing repair and replacement. If you are seeing your dentist routinely, are you following treatment recommendations with options given that are made by your dentist? In order for us, together, to be able to achieve and maintain your dental health as dentist and patient, it requires a mutual mindset and commitment that with time and effort on both our parts, will keep you and your mouth healthy.

You must have clear and reasonable expectations about the role played by your dentist and the role you must own, in the achievement and maintenance of your dental health. It seems that in today’s society, many people are looking for someone to blame for their problems, and dentists as public figures who are constantly exposed to new individuals as patients are certainly experiencing some of this misplaced energy . Be it the cost of the dental treatment needed or the misguided notion some people have that they are somehow immune to the ravages of time, ravages of oral bacteria and the normal wear and tear that affects all of us as human beings and to which we are all vulnerable and susceptible at some time in our lives. People may also simply be unaware that oral health can have a serious impact on the rest of the body. Poor oral care has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritist, and stroke. The research has found that those who suffer from gum disease are twice as likely to develop coronary artery disease.

Remember that most of us dentists are looking for a long term relationship with our patients, based on mutual trust and understanding. Keep this in mind when you are looking for a new dentist. Look for a dentist with whom you can develop a partership, with both parties committed to your oral health, and if you are in the area of Rockville, Maryland, look up our office Rock Creek Dental Center.

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