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Tooth Ache Rockville

It is that part of the day when you are about to have your favorite desert and your tooth hurts on the first bite.Toothache is one of the serious problems which demands immediate dental care. There are many reasons for toothache and a dentist starts diagnosis after understanding the nature of the pain.

Reasons for toothache:

Toothache can be caused due to both dental and medical reasons. Depending on the nature of pain and findings from diagnosis, a dentist points out to the cause for toothache. Apart from cavities, toothache can be caused from gum infection, bruxism, dental trauma, incorrect bite and problems related to sinus infection. The treatment for toothache depends on the reason for the pain.

Treatment for different types of toothache

  • Dental caries can be treated through both non-operative procedure and operative treatment. The non-operative procedure involves re-mineralization of infected area which is lost from caries. Through this process the dentist arrests caries from spreading. On the other hand, operative procedure involves drilling of tooth and application of fillings to prevent caries. A dentist may also suggest tooth extraction if the tooth is decayed to a high extent.
  • In case of incorrect bite, a dentist takes up one of the orthodontic treatment processes.
  • In case of bruxism, a dentist may use adhesives for restoration of tooth structure.

Toothache - Steps to be followed

If the toothache is result of caries the following steps can be followed

  • Rinse the mouth with warm water and remove any food particles that might be stuck around the tooth through flossing
  • Apply oil of cloves which temporarily numbs the gum
  • Visit the dentist immediately

If the toothache is result of an accident, a patient can rinse the mouth with warm water and use cold compress to combat pain. Come down to our dental clinic for emergency dental treatment. We make sure to treat you with extra care and relieve you from clutches of pain. Call us right away if you are looking for a skilled dentist who can treat toothache in Rockville, MD.

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